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Weight Watching

Most people who are constantly weight watching, never usually have to rely on searching for weight loss tips, or find the need to follow the latest silly diet fads, but they do generally tend to follow a balanced healthy diet which is essential for our bodies to function properly and for us to remain healthy. It provides all the things that our bodies need, without providing too much or too little of any one thing, and really is the way to go if you need to slim down fast.

There are number of things that are needed for a balanced healthy diet and they must be provided in the correct quantities.

Carbohydrates are necessary to provide energy and can not only be found in rice, pasta, bread and cereals, but also in many fruits and vegetables.

Most types of meat are a good source of Protein, which is not only needed for growth and repair of the body, but is also a source of energy.

Fat is another good source of energy and contains fat soluble vitamins as well. Even if you are on a low fat diet ,fat can still be created by the body by converting excess carbohydrate and protein into fat.

Vitamins are found in small quantities in a variety of foods but fruit and vegetables are an especially good source of them. Vitamin A is needed for good eyesight, vitamin C is needed for the body to be able to repair itself and vitamin E is essential for reproduction.

Minerals such as iron, calcium and sodium are needed by the body for a number of reasons. Iron is needed to make haemoglobin, calcium is necessary for healthy bones and teeth and sodium is needed by all cells in the body.

Fibre is the last element that is needed to make up a healthy and balanced diet. It is needed to ensure the healthy digestion of the food we eat and is mostly found in plants.

All of the above things are what is needed for a healthy balanced diet and a diet that is lacking in one or more of them could lead to health problems, and don’t forget, if you are overweight, then a healthy balanced diet is the way to go for easy slimming.