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Surgery Or Phentermine?

Those weight loss enthusiasts who never get tired of arguing with their friends and peers endlessly in favor of weight loss surgeries and duly voice their opinion in favor of subjecting their bodies to a whole range of surgeries for quick and immediate relief from obesity must carefully look into the news on weight loss surgeries that made headlines recently.

The recent news boldly speaks on the harm that can be caused to our physical frame if without caring to think over the consequences, we thoughtlessly and mindlessly put ourselves under the knife to lose the extra kilos hanging over our body. Sources at the York Hospital divulged report on the death of a woman in a complex weight loss surgery. Along with the account on the woman’s death, the cautionary advice by Glenn Miller, a surgeon of York hospital to people against resorting to risky surgical procedures have revealed the extent to which you are vulnerable if you allow surgical experiments to be conducted on your body.

As surgeries for weight loss have been proved to be extremely life threatening, an alternative weight loss device should be sought after to curb on the increasing prevalence of obesity around the world. In order to minimize probable harm from any treatment, you should certainly bestow your trust on any medicine having a proven track record regarding both its safety and efficacy. FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved weight loss pills are the obvious choice and there are many such tablets available in the market. One among the array of effective diet pills is Phentermine which is definitely a suitable alternative to the diverse patterns of surgeries available for weight loss.

Liposuction, Adjustable Gastric Banding and all other methods comprising the endless list of weight loss surgeries trigger off side-effects that are more harmful and destructive in comparison to the adverse effects like fainting, headache, chest pain and an increase in blood pressure that occasionally show off in the body as a result of Phentermine administration. Unlike surgeries, Phentermine usage has never been a direct threat to life and so should be preferred to treat obesity as far as side-effects are concerned.

Now you are well aware of what is safe for you and what is not. Let’s switch over to an important area that demands equal consideration when the issue pertains to the selection of a suitable mode of treatment to facilitate weight loss efficacy. Both Phentermine and the available surgical devices for weight loss have been proved effective for weight loss. Diet pills like Phentermine are sold extensively in the medicinal market throughout the world and statistics have revealed that Phentermine alone accounts for the 50% sale of diet all over the world.

Phentermine is the ideal anti-obesity measure when your BMI (Body Mass Index) reaches the mark of 30 or exceeds it. The BMI of a person is calculated to figure out whether he is obese or not and is figured out by dividing his weight in kilograms by the square of his height in meters. But when your BMI increases drastically and becomes 40 you become morbidly obese then your physician may advise you to undergo a weight loss surgery to counter the highly disastrous threat of obesity. Doctors generally advise patients to opt for surgeries only when all other options, i.e. dieting, exercise and diet pills fail to provide you relief from its shackles. Finally it would be practically wise to avoid subjecting your physical frame to weight loss surgeries as far as possible and turn to dieting, exercises and the weight loss medication Phentermine when you fall prey to obesity.

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