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Chia Seed Review

“Chia seed, What’s a Chia seed? And how can it help with weight watching?”

chia seed

That’s what I said when I first heard the name mentioned, and thought “here we go, yet another diet fad”, so I did a little digging around and it turns out that this amazing little seed, is a wonderful aid for those who are trying to lose weight.

Whether your looking to lose 60lbs or just want to lose 25lbs in weight, try adding some Chia seeds to your diet. Not only will you be improving the taste of your food and maintaining a healthy balanced diet, but you will be well on the road for easy slimming as well.

Here are some different ways in which Chia Seeds can be used in conjunction with many weight loss programmes.

When the seeds are exposed to any liquid (preferably filtered water, you’ll see why later), it’s weight and size increases at a ratio of about 9-1. A gel coating forms around the outside of the seed and is very difficult to remove, so when ingested, the body will treat it as food, thinking it’s full, but because the gel is made of water, you won’t be adding any calories.

You can also sprinkle them onto food and it will work in the same way. When the Seeds reach the stomach, the gel will form around them making you feel fuller (and let’s face it, hunger is the dieter’s biggest enemy). The gel is then slowly removed in the intestines which will help hydrate you and keep your digestive system moving.

The gel is one of the main benefits of the Chia Seed, and is believed to create a barrier between Carbohydrates and Digestive Enzymes. This barrier will then slow the conversion rate of Carbohydrate to Sugar, keeping blood sugar at a stable level and helping to reduce food cravings. But it doesn’t end there. The gel can be used in cooking. If you simply must have that Cookie or piece of cake, you still can but with half the fat. If you have a recipe which needs 8 tablespoons of butter (melted), use 4 tablespoons of butter and 4 tablespoons of Chia gel and bake as normal.

These amazing little seeds have no taste of their own, but will enhance the flavour of anything they are added to. This is why it is better to use filtered water only, as fluoride is added to the tap water in many areas, which in turn means that the Chia will enhance this flavour as well.

Nutritionally it’s good for you too. It contains 15 x more magnesium than Broccoli, more anti-oxidants than Blueberries, as much vitamin C as in 6 oranges, nearly 9 x the amount of Omega 3 as in Salmon, double the amount of fibre found in Bran Flakes, nearly 3 x more iron than Spinach, more protein than Soy, 2 x the amount of potassium in a Banana, 6 x the amount of Calcium found in whole milk and naturally contains Boron, which transfers Calcium into your bones. It contains no cholesterol, and is good for Vegetarians as it contains complete proteins,making for an all round, healthy weight loss diet. But to top it all off, pesticides don’t need to be used when growing the seeds, because the plants leaves and stems produce an oil which insects and other pests hate, making it 100% natural.

The only downside that I can find, is that they aren’t readily available to buy at health stores in this country yet, but you can check them out by typing chia seed into a search engine, where I’m sure that you will find many online stores that will deliver these little beauties straight to your door.