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Meridia is a drug that may be prescribed to women and men who want to support their weight loss goals in the short term. It is said to affect some of the chemicals in the body that are tied to weight maintenance. Online sources indicate that this medication should be taken in conjunction with a well balanced diet and fitness plan.


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Meridia is a dietary medication that aims to assist some individuals with weight loss. This diet drug is better known amongst medical professionals as sibutramine HCl monohydrate. It’s important to understand that Meridia is a diet capsule intended for specific users; preferably those who’re at least 30 pounds overweight. Naturally height can play a part when determining if Meridia may be right for you. Supposedly Meridia functions by providing a feeling of “fullness.” This is said to be accomplished by affecting the “appetite control center” of the brain. It’s important to understand that Meridia is intended to be incorporated into a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Therefore it will likely lose effectiveness if the user fails to adopt healthy eating habits and a regular fitness routine.

The makers of Meridia claim that you may be able to drop four or more pounds of weight within the first month of usage. Additionally they state that this will vary from person to person. Meridia is a diet medication that can only be acquired via prescription from a licensed physician. These 10mg capsules are generally prescribed to be taken once each day. It’s claimed that most individuals that experience weigh loss with Meridia, experience it within the first six months of treatment. If no weight loss occurs, users should consult their physician for advice. People that should not take Meridia are those under the age of 16, anyone with high blood pressure, individuals allergic to any components of Meridia, anyone taking other diet medications, women who are breastfeeding, those suffering from eating disorders and anyone who suffers with a kidney disease or has had a previous heart attack.

If you miss a dose of Meridia, skip it. Do not take an extra dose to make up for missed doses.

Store at room temperature. Never leave it in a hot or damp place. Throw away capsules that are out of date or no longer needed.